If you’re a busy mom, I’ll bet the last thing you’re thinking about is what to wear on Memorial Day. Even with all the cute outfit inspiration that I’m seeing, I know that after our kids’ activities this weekend, I’ll be racing to our friends’ cook-out, hoping that my shoes match. Can you relate? If so, I have us covered with a Memorial Day outfit formula…

1. Start With Your Feet

If sandal season has just arrived in your area, you may be tempted to break out those cute strappy heels. Slip-on shoes are a better option, if you are walking in and out of the house for a barbecue or picnic.

Slip-on sneakers with laser cut detail will keep your feet cool while you play tag in the yard with the kids.

Consider a slip on snake-skin flat sandal.

If you like to have the extra height then choose a wedge heel that won’t sink into the grass.

DSW always has great bargains, if you need something new.

2. Choose Dark Pants Or Shorts

Memorial Day used to be the weekend when we could start wearing white.

  1. That rule is now permanently in the fashion archives (along with wearing corsets and bloomers.) Wear white at any time!
  2. Barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, and relish. Need I say more?

If you’re eating a messy meal, (or have a little one who likes to use you as a napkin) pick a dark pant that’s easy to wash. Athleta’s La Viva pant (in the photo below) has been one of my favorites but I’m seriously tempted to get a black Tribeca Utility Crop that I wrote about in this post.

Memorial Day Outfit: denim jacket, black pants, striped t-shirt, yellow tote.

In our area, it usually cools down so much at night that I don’t like to wear shorts, but I do have my Banana Republic Stretch 5″ shorts ready for an unexpected scorcher.

3. Add A Striped T-Shirt

You won’t be able to walk into a fashion retail store without seeing at least one striped t-shirt!

Linen t-shirts have just started to arrive in stores, and come in stripes and bright colors.

Wear a striped tank top if it’s going to be a hot day.

If I didn’t already have half a dozen striped t-shirts, I would buy one in bright, happy colors. Instead, I’m carrying my brightest, striped tote. (This one is pretty bright and happy, and available too.)

Memorial Day Outfit: denim jacket, stripe top, shorts, colorful tote.

For more tips on styling your striped tops, read this post.

4. Grab A Denim Jacket

If you’ll be outside in the evening, or inside in an air-conditioned house, you may want a denim jacket. (Being chilly always makes me want to eat more mac ‘n’ cheese, so I like to be prepared!)

Mine is an old style from Anthropologie, but here are some current options:

Pilcro’s Chambray Bomber Jacket which is a little different from the basic denim jacket.

Santuary’s Skyward Salton Trucker Jacket so you can mix and match your stripes.

Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend denim Trucker Jacket which has a classic look and fit.

5. Take A Big, Bright Tote Or Basket

Since we’re not hosting, I have two of my biggest totes on hand so that I can take sides and desserts.

For an insulated option, take a look at the Picnic At Ascot Insulated Market Basket which comes in six colors.

If you prefer something wide open, Quatrefoil’s Picnic Caddy tote is simple and under $40.

If you tend to forget your bag, treat yourself to a monogrammed canvas tote!

Memorial Day Outfit Formula

  1. Comfortable slip-on shoes
  2. Dark pants or shorts
  3. Striped t-shirt
  4. Denim jacket
  5. Large tote or picnic basket


Have a wonderful weekend!

love, Nipa | fashionipa.com

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11 thoughts on “Your Memorial Day Outfit Formula”

  1. Love this look! I just recently got my daughter and I matching denim jackets. You’re so right about the dark pants, I’m always the lucky one who gets the orange pop or juice dumped on them by a helpful toddler. Lol

    1. Hi Sarah, I used to say it was my kids who stained my clothes, but now that they’re older, I realize it was me all along!!! Nipa

    1. Hi Amberly, I never used to care for them, but somehow in the past year, I’ve bought at least half a dozen striped shirts! xo Nipa

    1. Thanks, Erin. I only just started buying lighter pants last year, as I’m finally beyond the “use mom as a napkin” stage! xo Nipa

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