about me collage

I grew up Hong Kong.  It was an opulent city filled with designer boutiques, gold jewelry, rich colors, and textures.  I fell in love with fashion, and taught myself to sketch, sew, and create fashion shows.

East to West

At U.C. Berkeley, I discovered minimalist and sustainable clothing.  More specifically, I witnessed the ultimate minimalist student, who marched through campus wearing nothing but a bandana.  I loved fashion (and my modesty) too much to join that cause.  Instead, I focused on my B.A. in Economics, and then moved to New York, for my A.A.S. in Fashion Design, at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  As a student, I worked long hours and lived frugally, but also volunteered at the New York Fashion Week shows.

Fashion to Farm

In New York, I found my first job as an assistant designer, and then my dream job as a  product manager.   I picked trends, catered to clients, directed the design team, and maximized profit margins.  Then I moved to Toronto for another job,  and life threw a few unexpected changes my way.  In one year,  I got engaged, lost my job,  moved back to the U.S., designed a  multi-cultural wedding,  discovered I was pregnant, and adopted a dog (in that order). Three kids,  two major renovations, and a teaching career later, my family and I are living on a hobby farm.  I have picked fruit, catered to a gluten-free family, directed our activities, and maximized my family’s successes. 

Organic and Ornate

I’ve put fashion on the back burner (to make room for tomato sauce, of course) for a decade or so.  In my neck of the woods, fashion is a bit of a needle in a haystack (stay tuned for more farm puns).  This is the diary of my search for opulent style, from a house in the country, surrounded by all things organic.  

If you find it a challenge to add easy but beautiful pieces to your closet, then join me. Take a seat.  Stay a while.