Have you started thinking about Father’s Day gifts for the dad(s) in your life? Over the past 16 years, the kids and I have done everything for my husband ranging from buying extravagant gifts to forgetting Father’s Day completely. (Before you decide that I’m a horrible person, please note that it was such a stressful time in our life, that my husband forgot too!) This year, we’re planning a low-key celebration without huge gifts, but in case you’re looking for ideas, here are some gifts that my husband has enjoyed and not asked me to return to the store…

1. Sleep

Chances are that Dad needs more sleep. If he runs his own business, he needs more sleep. Does he have a demanding boss (or toddler sized bosses)? Then he needs more sleep. If he’s worrying about retirement, he really needs…. you get the picture!

$ Turn off the alarm, scoop up the kids, shut the bedroom door, and just let him sleep.

$$ If you are looking for Father’s Day gifts that you can wrap, start with a comfortable pillow, cozy blanket, and room darkening curtains.

$$$ If he likes to nap on the couch, buy him some noise canceling headphones or noise masking sleep earbuds (though note that he can return the latter within 30 days if he doesn’t like them.)

2. Food & Drink

You know that expression, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? I have yet to meet a man for whom that isn’t true.

$ I’m not a huge fan of breakfast in bed, especially when it involves something flakey, greasy or liquid that could end up on the sheets…which pretty much eliminates everything most men like! However, an extra special breakfast (after all that extra sleep) is a fun way to start Father’s Day.

$$ How about a gift basket with his favorite beverage and accessories? He might like a Nespresso with pods, wine with a decanter, or whiskey with glasses. (Of course, don’t give him an almost empty bottle, like the one in my photo!!!)

Father's Day Gifts: Beverages And Glasses

$$$ You know that expression, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for the day, teach him to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime”? (Sorry, there’s an abundance of expressions in my head today.) One of the most useful gifts that we’ve ever given my husband is a Pit Barrel Cooker which he has used to grill and smoke dozens of meals. Their spice rubs are also some of our favorites (samples included with your grill purchase.)

3. Music

While he’s grilling up that dinner, add some music to his day.

$ If your kids are learning to play instruments, have them play something that Dad has never heard. If they are old enough to create their own lyrics, have them sing a song about him, using a tune that they know well. If they’re older and musically talented, as them to make up a completely original song.

$$ Look for concert tickets or a gift certificate to a bar or pub that features live music.

$$$ We’ve enjoyed our Bose Wave® music system for years, and have also added a Sonos Play:1 Speaker to our bedroom. Warning: if you do buy one, there’s an extremely funny “set-up dance” that he’ll have to do when he connects his speaker. Keep your camera handy!

Father's Day Gifts: Sonos Speaker

4. Humor

Who doesn’t like a good laugh?

$ Have the kids make the funniest cards they can come up with. If they’re of pre-school age, have them describe Dad from their perspective. In their eyes, he’s usually 7 feet tall, eats half a cow, and is a superhero by night.

$ We’ve also had few good laughs over musical cards and “who’s in charge” cards for Father’s Day. If you buy yours from Hallmark.com, they’ll even hand-write the message and send it out for you!

$$$ If you want a night out, try a comedy club or show that you can enjoy together without worrying about what your little ones will overhear.

5. Personalized Gifts

$ If your kids are in pre-school or elementary school, they’ll probably create a personalized Father’s Day gift, at school.

$ If you want something creative, silly and lots of fun for your kids:

  1. Buy a plain white t-shirt.
  2. Paint your kids’ feet and have them walk all over the t-shirt.
  3. Write (in fabric marker), “My kids walk all over me.”

$$$ For something a bit more serious, buy him a monogrammed briefcase or a travel bag to keep him organized.

6. Luxury

$$$ Luxury items can include anything that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself. For my husband, I always look out for a Hermes tie as it’s something he’d wear but wouldn’t buy for himself. From afar Hermes prints look like geometric patterns. Up close you’ll see chess pieces, foosball figures, football helmets,and other “characters” to match his interests.

Father's Day Gifts: Ties

7. Love

$ – $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

“All you need is love, love, love is all you need…” Okay, so I’m getting a little sappy in my old age, but honestly, at the end of the day who doesn’t want to want to be appreciated?

At the very least, give him a hug, thanks, and a reminder that he’s special to you.

Leave me a comment to tell me your plans for Father’s Day…

love, Nipa | fashionipa.com

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12 thoughts on “7 Father’s Day Gifts He Won’t Return…”

  1. Love this, such awesome ideas! One of the best Father’s Day gift list I’ve seen, so practical and yet full of love. Definitely going to go with a few of these ideas this June.

    1. Thank you, Ruth! Sometimes we do a date night that Friday and spend Sunday with the kids (double celebration!) This year though, we seem to have so many other celebrations that weekend, that we may be all partied out! xo Nipa

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