The skinny scarf trend is nothing new. Around 1984, Madonna started tying skinny scarves into bows over her voluminous curls. In 2004, model Kate Moss draped a long skinny scarf around her neck making it one of the hottest accessories that year. In 2014 the Prada runway show included solid skinny scarves for men and women.

So why am I talking about this scarf today? First, it continues to be a major accessory trend. Second, there are so many inexpensive and versatile options in stores right now. In today’s post, I wanted to show you some simple ways to wear a skinny scarf…

1. The Choker

One of the reasons I don’t wear scarves as often as I would like is because my day is always one part messy, two parts hectic. A scarf often gets in the way. The newest skinny scarves, however, are short and just a couple of inches wide, which makes them wearable even for an active mom.

Skinny Scarf: Neck

Mine is one of 8 prints that you’ll find at Banana Republic. These polyester scarves are only $20.00 and machine washable. 4 of them are reversible so you’ll have even more options for ways to wear them. I folded mine in half and wore it as a choker with the knot in the back (eliminating the possibility that I would spill my dinner on the ends!) This is an easy way to wear a scarf under a collared shirt and blazer without add any bulk to your neck. It’s also a good look if you’re petite or have a shorter neck.

2. The Wristband

I’ve mentioned wearing your skinny scarf around your wrist instead of a bracelet. Here’s my dirty little secret for wearing it this way. I don’t like to take off my Fitbit, even when I’m dressing up, so I wear this scarf over it. If you wrap it around twice and tie it into knots twice, it will look like this (and yes I did it myself, so I’m sure you can too!)

Skinny Scarf: Wrist

Hint: Keep your scarf tied to your handbag so that you always have it “on hand.”

3. The Anklet

For an even more fashion-forward option, consider typing your scarf around your ankle. The 90s anklet trend is back, so expect to see this part of the body get a lot more attention in the upcoming months!

4. The Hair Accessory

As much as I love fashion, I’ve never spent much time doing my hair or make-up. I’ve always loved the idea of a headband, but the ones that I tried were either too tight or too much like my daughter’s accessories. (She’s 8.)

Then I tried this look and loved the color and vibrancy that it added to my style. (Not to mention, I didn’t have to spend a lot of time fussing with my hair.) You can wear your hair either in a ponytail or in a low bun. Secure your scarf with a few bobby pins.

Skinny Scarf Headband

If you like a little more volume around your face, keep your hair down. Hint: start with a ponytail, as it’s much easier to tie the knot at the nape of your neck without getting your hair caught in it.

5. The Bow

The Spring 2019 runway shows featured bows of all shapes and sizes. There was also an abundance over oversized bows at most of the red carpet events this year. But how are the rest of us supposed to wear bows? Your short, skinny scarf makes the perfect sized bow.

Hint: Choose either a solid color or a sophisticated print for your bow. At the end of my post, I’ll give you some links for skinny scarves that look mature despite their bright colors and Disney themed prints!

You can always tie your scarf onto the straps of your handbag.

Add a bow to the belt loop of your jeans or pants.

When the weather warms up, loop your skinny scarf through the straps of your top or dress and tie a bow on your shoulder.

Tie a bow around a low ponytail, braid or bun.

Where To Buy A Skinny Scarf

Here are some great buys that I found online…

Under $100

If you love Disney, try the Disney X Coach Dalmatian Floral Print Skinny.

For a floral print in sophisticated colors, take a look at Ted Baker’s Bbrook Supernatural Botanical skinny scarf.

Under $50

Kate Spade’s pink marker floral and spade flower scarves come in bright but classic prints.

Something Navy’s silk skinny scarf is currently $35 (andthese prints are currently 40% off).

If you like the idea of up cycled products try the Etsy shop SilkandRebirth which uses vintage silk to make skinny scarves.

Under $25

Echo’s Floral Silk Mini is under $15, but hurry as it’s on clearance.

Madewell has 6 prints in silk that you might like.

The skinny scarf is such an inexpensive, easy way to add color and vibrancy to your outfit. Let me know in the comments below, how you plan to wear yours!

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P.S. Did you know that scarfs and scarves are both correct plural versions of scarf?

8 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways To Wear A Skinny Scarf”

  1. I have always loved scarves. They add great color to plainer sweaters and shirts and pull attention up and away from parts that may not be looking there thinnest 😁 I’ll have to try wearing in my hair because your ideas look very pretty and I have never tried that before.

    1. That’s a good point about drawing attention away or towards certain areas of your body! It’s also a nice way to frame your face with color, especially if you tend to wear a lot of neutrals. xo Nipa

  2. I’ve really taken to the longer scarves but I love these shorter and skinnier scarves and love having so many different ways to use them. I’m looking for one right now with lime green. We’re having a 1974 costume party at the end of April and one of these would be perfect tied around my neck. You’ve styled them well and given me a lot of ideas to wear it other than just as part of a costume!


    1. Thanks, Julie! I try to keep one on my handbag so that when I’m in a rush (which seems to be always) I can do my hair in the car (while my husband drives, of course!)

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