I used to think of accessories as the icing on the cake, the finishing touch to any outfit. Then my three kids came along, and life became so busy, that I always rushed out the door leaving that “icing” on the counter. So I decided to start with the accessory I wanted to wear. I found that I ended up with a more polished outfit (even if I was wearing leggings). Often, it forced me to be more creative with the clothes I already owned. Going back to that cake analogy, what I’m telling you is to eat your dessert first!!! Here’s the dessert menu for this season, otherwise known as the Spring/Summer 2019 accessories trend report…


I always start a new season by changing up my handbag. In the winter, I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag, as I rush around town and often don’t have time for a sit-down lunch. In the spring, I’m ready to lighten my load. This month, I’m using my blue Tory Burch cross-body bag with a detachable tassel.

Spring/Summer 2019 Accessories: Handbags

Here are some more tassel bag options that are available now, as well as the rest of the Spring/Summer 2019 accessories you may want to add to your outfits…

1. Tassel Bag

The fringe bag (70’s style western) is taking a back seat to the less fussy tassel bag. If you are looking for something new, take a look at Cult Gaia’s Tallulah Bean bag which combines a bean-shaped clutch with a net tassel bag. Mango has a more affordable beaded tassel bag. You can also add a tassel to your current favorite handbag.

2. Hoop Or Square Handle Bags

A bag with hoop handles in tortoiseshell, wood or even metal creates a simple but eye-catching look. This Pippa Bow-Tied Bag from Anthropologie is fun and casual.

If you like a more polished look, try a square handle, (some are technically rectangles, but try saying “rectangle handle” three times and you’ll see why I didn’t call them that.) If it were in my budget, I’d buy this Frances Valentine Large Shopper Tote with square handles.

3. Loop Straps

Spring/Summer 2019 Accessories: Zac Zac Posen Loop Handle Bag

Loop straps are often seen on smaller bags and clutches. Mine (top left in the photo) is a Zac Zac Posen mini bag that I use for special occasions, but you can also find larger versions at Bloomingdales.

4. Bucket Bags

Bucket bags come in all sizes and often have a handle and a longer strap (so that you can also wear it across your shoulders). This suede bag from Mango is in one of spring’s most prominent colors (which you could also call mango!)

5. Lanyards

If you are traveling, going to a crowded event, or just happen to be someone with one credit card, one of the newest trends in the Spring/Summer 2019 accessories world is the lanyard or necklace bag.

6. Belt bags

If you like having your hands free, consider a belt bag. It can be a casual fabric belt bag or a leather designer bag. You can wear it around your waist, carry it in your hand, or sometimes adjust the strap enough to wear it around your shoulder.

7. Clear PVC Bag

The clear PVC Staud Shirley tote has now “inspired” many other designers to create their own versions, so if the original was out of your budget try this Aqua clear tote which is under $100. Zara also has one under $100 with tortoiseshell handles.

8. Chain Strap Bags

My yellow bag (top right in the photo) is an old style that you may have seen in my earlier posts. There’s a similar one at Madewell right now that is under $100. You’ll also find several options at Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade and Michael Kors (for under $500.)

9. The Camera Bag

I mentioned the Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag in my last post but wanted to mention it again, as camera bags and logos are both trending items. His Jelly Snapshot Camera Bag is neon, polka dotted, semi-transparent and can be accessorized with a logo strap, so if you’re looking for one bag that covers most trends for Spring/Summer 2019 accessories, this may be it!


10. Hoop Earrings

If you only buy one pair of earrings this season, find a pair of hoop earrings that you love. They can be gold or silver, tortoise-shell or crystal-studded, tiny or oversized. I have the Basic Flat Hoop Earrings from Banana Republic as I like my everyday earrings to be lightweight and simple.

11. Coins and Discs

You may remember my coin choker from my 5 Essential Accessories For An Instant Style Upgrade post. That trend is still going strong so if you haven’t found any styles you like, here are some options…

Try simple disc earrings or a graphic ball and disc design from Banana Republic.

Take a look at this Zodiac disc pendant from La Soula.

For earrings, I like these Chandelier Statement Earrings from Nest Jewelry.

12. Shell Jewelry

Nostalgic for your beach vacation? Shell jewelry was all over the Spring/Summer 2019 runway fashion shows. If you like a bold look, try a shell necklace or drop earrings. For something more subtle, Alex and Ani has a shell anklet that is delicate and sweet.


If you’re heading into mud season as we are, you may not be ready for the lighter colors, prints and strappy sandals that are already showing up in stores for spring. The good news is, that by the time you are ready to wear them, they should be on sale. If you live in a warmer climate, these are some trends to snap up…

13. Thin Strappy Sandals

I love the look of delicate thin strappy sandals but they’re not always good for your feet. My suggestion would be to buy ones with ankle straps or a strap across your foot for more support. Buy low heels (like a kitten heel) and don’t wear them on a day when you will be walking a lot.

14. Teva Inspired Sandals

Yes, you heard me right, if you have a pair of Tevas don’t throw them out. The Ugly (but comfortable) shoe trend continues! If you don’t believe me, take a look at this post from Who What Wear.

15. Printed Sandals

If you like a printed sandal, but not one as casual as a Teva, there are plenty of leopard or floral print sandals available.

16. Sneakers

Sneakers are still going strong. Thank goodness, because if they weren’t, I’d have to write about feathers and platforms and other impractical footwear that we saw in the spring fashion shows last year! Whether you prefer slip- on sneakers or lace up ones, there are millions of options.


17. Skinny Belt

When I wrote my 7 Winter Upgrades For Under $50 post, I realized how long it had been since I had bought any belts. So I found this floral one from Ann Taylor (it’s out of stock now, but I’ll keep looking for alternatives) and this zebra print one from Banana Republic.

Spring/Summer 2019 Accessories: belts

18. Square Buckle Belt

If you like a wider belt, look for one with a square buckle like J.Crew’s wide leather belt with a metal buckle or Anthropologie’s metallic belt.

Hair Accessories

As a mom, I usually see hair accessories as things that I buy for my daughter, not myself. But this year, there are some very wearable mom-friendly hair accessories that I’m looking at.

19. Embellished Bobby Pins

An embellished bobby pin adds a little shimmer to a plain messy bun or a half-up-half-down ponytail. I really like Anthropologie’s Oryan Bobby Pin for a little sparkle. If you like something more simple, LOFT has a marbelized barrette set that you may like.

20. Embellished Pony Tail Holders

Scrunchies are back (from the 80s) but now updated with a bow. J.Crew’s knotted hair ties come in fun floral prints. I opted for a chain link ponytail holder from Banana Republic. You could also use a simple ponytail holder and add a scarf or ribbon tied in a bow.

21. Head Band

If you like headbands but want don’t want to look “cute” pick a muted color or sophisticated print. For an athletic headband try Athleta’s knotted headband in sage. Use a skinny scarf like this Banana Republic one, instead of a headband.

Spring/Sumer 2019 Accessories: Skinny Scarf As A Headband

So now you have 21 different accessory options to start creating your outfit. If you’d like to see how I style my new accessories, come find me on Instagram over the next week. Also, drop me a line and let me know what you are adding to your collection of Spring/Summer 2019 accessories.

love, Nipa | fashionipa.com

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