Every now and then, the fashion world becomes obsessed with tiny things.  For a while, it was tiny dogs in handbags.  More recently, it has been celebrities matching their tiny fashionista daughters.  Going forward, we’ll be seeing another little trend: the tiny handbag.  Also known as the mini bag or the micro bag, this handbag is just big enough for your essentials: keys, a few cards, a little cash, and a phone.  I usually carry much more, so I figured I’d pass on this fall trend.  Then, in a moment of weakness (I was dizzy from spending a few hours at the crowded 59th Street Bloomingdales on a Saturday afternoon), I bought this little Zac Zac Posen wristlet.

Zac Zac Posen Wristlet Mini Bag


It was unique and adorable, like the puppy that I had never had.  It was much easier to carry than a squirming fashionista toddler.  Did I mention it was also on sale?!  Since we were out-of-town and low on patience, time and energy, I snatched it up.  It wasn’t until we reached our hotel room that I wondered whether it was big enough for my iPhone 7.  Nope.  It measures 3.5″ W X 3.5″ D X 5″ H!  As we were flying home the next morning before the store re-opened, it was too late to return it.  Eeek.  

Would I have to turn it into a hood ornament?  Give it to my mini-fashionista to store her essentials ( Beanie Boos and Chapstick)?  

Here’s how I plan to use it, as well as some other style options for mini bags that are a little more practical than this one!  



I’m planning to use my new bag to hold my keys, cardholder, lipstick, and cash during cocktail parties when I need my hands to hold plates and drinks.  I know that I will need to wear something with pockets for my phone, but I’m hoping that if I ask really nicely, my husband will carry my phone for me.  

I also have this pouch wristlet, that is big enough for my iPhone 7.  Mine is a past season one from Banana Republic.  Their current version is in a crocodile texture.  

Mini Bag Zebra Wristlet

This Adele Mixed Media Smart Phone Wallet is an all-in-one solution.  During busy times or from work-to-dinner occasions, it’s nice to have all of your essentials together, so that you can just grab it and go.  


Mini Back Pack 

When the weather is nice, we often spend Sunday mornings at our local farmer’s market or take walks in a nearby park, so I like to have a small casual backpack to carry my essentials as well as a few snacks.  

This Aotian Mini Nylon Backpack is reasonably priced and a nice quality.  

For a designer bag, and city adventures, I’d buy this Rhea Mini Leather Backpack.  It has a convertible strap which allows you to carry it in various ways so that you keep an eye on your valuables when walking in crowds.


Crossbody Mini Bag 

Having been pickpocketed while on vacation, I’m very cautious about how I carry my valuables while traveling.  I like a cross-body bag that I can keep in my sight (and sometimes clutched in my hand).  This phone pouch from Travelon, has RFID blocking, locking zippers and is made with anti-slash material.  

For a leather version, this Reese Leather Mini Bag is sleek and compact.  If you already have a crossbody mini bag that you like, Lodis also makes a gorgeous little wallet with RFID blocking.  

I also like this Coach Croc Crossbody Mini Bag especially the wine color.

This Marc Jacobs Colorblock Crossbody Wallet on a chain is elegant and has a removable strap.   


Belt Bag 

The belt bag (also known as the hip bag and fanny pack) is perhaps the most headline-worthy of all the mini bags.  From casual to embellished, from cheap to designer, from tiny to oversized, the belt bag comes in all shapes and prices.  You can buy a gorgeous, leather and shearling one a few thousand dollars or a lightweight packable one for under $30.  

Like crossbody bags, belt bags are great for travel, active events, shopping and nights out dancing.  They can be worn around your waist, hips, or even one shoulder (like a sling bag).  Choose your shape:  rectangle, trapezoid, or circle.  


How To Buy A Mini Bag

I  don’t use my mini bags as often as my mid-size ones but for certain occasions, it’s nice to lighten up. I keep some of my mini bags in our mudroom so that I can make a quick switch as I’m running out the door.  If you buy one in a store, test it out by putting your largest item inside (phone or wallet).  If you buy one online, cut out a piece of paper in the same width and height, so that you can see how large it is, and make sure you leave plenty of wiggle room for the thickness of the material, or rounded edges.  

What do you thinking of the mini bag trend? Fashion or folly?  Let me know in the comment box below! 


4 thoughts on “The Mini Bag Trend: Fashion Or Folly?”

  1. I recently downsized my bag to a much smaller London Fog canvas bag with a little handle and the option for a longer over the shoulder strap. My bag is nowhere near so cute as your new one but I am very much enjoying that it has condensed the contents of my purse into a much smaller space. I also love that I can throw it over my shoulder and tuck it under my arm rather than having it banging around on my hip!

    1. Hi Lisa, I love that we have so many options at our fingertips these days! I go back and forth between the “hip banging” style and “tiny bags” as they both have their merits. Glad you’re enjoying “lightening up”! Thank so much for reading 🙂 Nipa

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