Stock Up On Decor To Prepare For Next Christmas

With so many holiday gatherings, concerts, and special projects, December can be overwhelming. I used to think that sneaking in a little shopping before Thanksgiving would make the holiday season smoother. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s the week after Christmas that makes all the difference. There are three things that I always do to prepare for next Christmas.

1. Organized Cleaning

The post-holiday blues make it very tempting to dump everything into a big bin and tuck it away for next year. Trust me, it’s worth taking the time to organize and label your holiday items. I found inexpensive gift wrap and ornament containers at my local grocery store.   Everything was heavily discounted to make room for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and (I kid you not) Easter goods. I like to reuse containers from gifts that we’ve received like this popcorn tin (which will hold my pinecones). I also save reusable gift bags and containers as I can’t stand to see a garbage bag full of gift wrap at the end of Christmas morning.

Holiday Containers To Prepare For Next Christmas

2. Reusable Bags And Tags

Every year, we receive a number of photoless Christmas cards which I turn into tags. I use a tag shaped craft punch, a hole punch, and 1/8″ fabric ribbon.  You can also use a circle punch, a paper trimmer for rectangular tags or even scissors for whatever shape you want to create.   If you’re not crafty, enter custom tags into the search bar at for more choices that you can imagine! I store my supplies in “stack and carry” containers as I often have to sneak from one room to another to wrap gifts in secret!

As I mentioned before, gift wrap makes me cringe a little so I buy fabric bags, tins and boxes for our gifts. I am thinking about replacing tissue paper with holiday napkins, kitchen towels or fabric to minimize waste and to prepare for next Christmas.

Craft Punches And Tags To Prepare For Next Christmas

3. Post-Holiday Shopping

I know that shopping is the last thing on most of our minds, but this the time to stock up to prepare for next Christmas. First, you know what you’re missing. After entertaining several times, I know that I need a new doormat, a new tree skirt, and a new table runner. Second, unless you are looking for the latest creation, take advantage of the clearance prices! Third, most stores sell the same items or similar ones every year, so if you can, buy them on sale.

What Are You Doing To Prepare for Next Christmas?

Do you have some tips for what you do to prepare for next Christmas? I would love to hear from you! I’m always looking for new ways to make the holidays less stressful.

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  1. I’m terrible about organizing my things 🙁 I ran out of gift tags this year and didn’t even think I was low. I’m definitely going to look for a “shape-cutting” stamp to make my own! I do frequently make my own from old cards, but they’re always squares. This would be so much better! Thanks for sharing these great ideas.


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