Open up a fashion magazine or webpage and you’re likely to find images of heavy jewelry including chunky chokers, shoulder-grazing earrings, cuff bracelets, and charm ankle chains. But if you are a minimalist, a busy mom, or just don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, there’s a fashion movement for you, too: the mini earring trend.

Mini earrings include tiny studs, ear climbers, jackets, huggies (tiny hoops that hug your ear lobe), and cuffs. Worn alone, they are simple and delicate. Worn together, they are a fashion statement that you design.

How To Wear Mini Earrings

If you have multiple piercings, mix and match several earrings. Because these pieces are tiny, they’re easy to wear together in any combination that you like.

You can create a symmetrical look, matching your left ear to your right, but it’s more fun to mix it up, so consider buying a single mini earring in each style.

Don’t have any mini earrings? Here are a few options to conisder…

The Ear Cuff

The ear cuff hugs your helix (top of your ear) or your antihelix (middle of your ear). An ear cuff is an easy way to wear a second earring if you only have a single piercing in each ear. I ordered mine from AUrate a NY based company that uses ethically sourced gold. (As I mentioned in my Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts post, they are great gifts for busy moms.) I love that they have gold plated and solid gold options in both white and yellow gold. They also have a 5-piece, 7-day trial option that I may try out in the future.

AUrate White Gold Vermeil Cuff

Looking for a little more sparkle? Take a look at the diamond ear cuff from Zoe Chicco and also the cubic zirconia 14K gold plated cuff from Maison Miru.

J.Crew has partnered up with Melinda Maria Designs™ to offer the Baroness ear cuff which comes in three colors.

Mini And Micro Studs

I also bought these lovely studs from AUrate. They’re one of 12 zodiac earrings, so they’re a fun way to celebrate your birthday month.

AUrate White Gold Vermeil Taurus

My micro earrings are Maison Miru (also based in NYC.) These are gold plated cubic zirconia crystals, so very affordable. For a limited time, they are giving away these studs for the price of shipping. If you prefer 14k solid gold, try their Trinity studs.

Maison Miru Tiny Studs

For some simple freshwater pearl studs, take a look at these from Lord & Taylor.

Ear Crawlers & Ear Climbers

Ear crawlers are arc-shaped earrings that span your earlobe, giving you the look of multiple piercings in one mini earring.

Check out this Aura Single Pave Ear Crawler earring from Nadri.

For a matching set, consider these palm leaf ear crawlers from Alex and Ani.

If you want a simple clean look, try this Sonatina 14K Yellow Gold Ear Climber Stud Earrings.

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets are studs with an additional detachable piece. These are an old style from BCBG. I wear the studs alone or add the chain jacket for extra flair.

BCBG Pyramid Chain Jacket Earrings

For a pearl and gold mini earring style, try Au|Rate’s Pearl Ear jackets.

If you like a little humor in your fashion try these Eye And Lash Ear Jackets form Moon and Meadow.

If you want a linear look try the Hearts & Arrows Ear Jacket from Karl Lagerfeld or buy this chain from AUrate and add it to any stud.

For really inexpensive ear jackets try these orb ear jackets from & Other Stories.

Mini Earring Cleaning And Care

Most of these mini earring styles are small enough that you may want to wear them nonstop. Just keep in mind that if you wear them in the shower, water and shampoo can dull the shine or wear away the color. As a general rule, solid gold or platinum jewelry is the most durable, followed by gold filled jewelry, and finally gold plated jewelry.

If you do find yourself wearing the same earrings all the time, make sure you take them off once in a while for cleaning (the earrings and your ears) as bacteria and hair/bath products can accumulate.

Check with each brand for their recommendations for cleaning, but start by wiping them with a clean soft cloth.

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  1. As much as I like wearing statement earrings when I dress up, it’s my smaller stud earrings that I wear the most and I’ll bet that’s true of a lot of people. Also, like you said, for Mom’s with young kids and for other reasons, the minis are just a lot more practical and wearable.

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