From the beginning of time, (maybe only 20,000 BC, but still, it was a long time ago) humans have been weaving baskets.   Once, they were considered basic necessities for carrying food, household goods, and even babies.  Now baskets are generally decorative, thanks to plastic, metal, and wood containers.  I use baskets to package gifts,  serve bread at the table, and most often, to organize our closets.  The other day, as I was sorting storage baskets and decluttering my closet to prepare for summer, I realized that there was one more decorative use of baskets that I had not explored.  I realized that I have very few stylish basketweave fashion accessories in my wardrobe (gasp).  

Why should it matter?  Well,  as I mentioned in my last post, basket bags are often inexpensive, but practical and stylish.  They match with everything (even fur.) They are the epitome of casual, relaxed summer style.  How could I not want all those features, in a few handy accessories?  With that in mind, I set off on a mission to find the most stylish basketweave fashion accessories in straw, jute, wicker, bamboo, and leather.  

Straw + Basketweave Leather Sandals + Basket Bag

Style 1:  Taco, Fan or Semi-Circle Basket Bag  

This season, one of the most popular shapes of basket bag is the semi-circle, also known as the fan, half-moon or taco shape.  

Cult Gaia’s Ark handbag (a semi-circle+rectangle, to be geometrically accurate), is the darling of fashion influencers.   Prices range from $150 – $498.  

For under $100 styles: 

Steve Madden’s BSHIPPER  style is very similar to the Ark and has decent reviews from buyers.

I’m always a little skeptical of the copycat brands on, however, this Miuco bag received 451 reviews, 95% of which were 5-star ones (at time of writing).  

Banana Republic’s straw half-moon clutch is a refined and delicate and has been reduced to $54.50 (at time of writing).  I just ordered this, so check out my Instagram feed for styling tips.  

Style 2: Full Circle Bag

If half of a circle just doesn’t feel like enough for you, there are plenty of full circle styles.  

Rebecca Minkoff has a collection of fun fashionable basketweave styles ranging from $95 -$195 including a “bullseye” circle tote that comes in aqua or pink.  

I also like this J.Crew circle straw crossbody bag because it comes in an unusually dark color, which would work for early fall.  

Kayu, a company based in California and the Philippines, creates beautiful handmade straw bags.  Their Elena bag is a different kind of circular bag, and is making me regret my declaration to not spend a lot of money on straw handbags!  Kayu employs South East Asian artisans and new immigrants in California who would otherwise be underemployed, so if you’re looking for a socially responsible, ethical brand, this is one of them.  

Style 3: Straw Bucket Bag

The bucket bag has been very popular for a few years now.  Last year, it was in soft leather or fabric, with a drawstring closure.  More recently, bucket bags have been structured.  

This is my Zara bucket bag which came with a fur pouch.  I am working on finding a summer-friendly pouch to replace the fur so that I can continue to use it in the next few months.  If you’re looking for something similar, Zara has a new tote with wooden handles in jute, wood, and cotton. 

If you’d like more of an investment piece, Kate Spade’s Bloom Street Sam has a beautiful spring floral fabric pouch.  

Style 4: Straw And Raffia Keychains

Tory Burch’s beach chair key ring with a tiny straw hat is the cutest basketweave style I have seen.  

I have to include an honorable mention (there’s no actual woven part on this piece) to Kate Spade’s lovely little leather hula girl keychain with a raffia skirt.  

Style 5: Statement Straw Bags and Hats

Probably the most common straw pieces are the trapezoid beach tote and the straw hat; two symbols of spring picnics and beach vacations.  This year, they literally make statements, so if you want to show your mood or intention in writing, try one of these styles.  

Old Navy’s Sea Salt Sun hat is only $22 right now.  

I’ve already mentioned Rebecca Minkoff, but in case you didn’t click on that link, I have to point out this out of office clutch for those of you who need a reminder to not check your work e-mails on weekends or vacations! 

If you’d like to make your own custom statement hat, I found this Etsy Store that has great reviews.  

Straw Hat

Style 6: Basketweave And Raffia Earrings 

If you want just a little touch of basket weave, how about these earrings from Free People? 

Tuckernuck has a similar pair of raffia dreamcatcher earrings.

Style 7: Raffia or Leather Basketweave Sandals 

I’ve covered basket weave for your head, now how about your toes?! 

These Kate Spade sandals and these Michael Kors wedges are bright, cheerful and stylish.

I just bought these Comfortiva Brileigh sandals  (you may have heard of their parent brand Söftt) which have a woven, basket-like texture but are made from soft leather.

Comfortiva White Woven Sandals

All 7  Stylish Basketweave Accessories In One Store 

If you only have time to shop at one store, Anthropologie covers all of these trends in their store.  

1:  Taco, Fan or Semi-Circle Basket Bag  

2: Full Circle Bag

3: Straw Bucket Bag

4: Straw And Raffia Keychains

5: Statement Straw Bags and Hats

6: Basket Weave And Raffia Earrings 

7: Raffia, Basket Weave Shoes 

If you have an extra $1000 left after your spree, the Ellery Raffia Necklace Scarf is the most unusual raffia piece I have seen.  

Check out my Pinterest boards for more straw, raffia, jute, bamboo, and leather basketweave styles.   Follow me on Instagram for the styles that I actually end up purchasing.  Comment below if you have any questions.  Subscribe to my e-mail list so that you can be the first to read my shopping recommendations (before they sell out).  

♥ Nipa 

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