All winter, I want to hibernate.  While my family enjoys skiing and sledding all winter, I much prefer to sit by our wood stove,  with my cinnamon hot-chocolate topped with freshly whipped cream.  Perhaps, it’s because I grew up in a tropical environment, and the cold doesn’t agree with me.  Maybe it’s because my first few attempts to ski ended up in panic, tears, and despair.  Whatever the reason, in my mind, there’s only one good thing about winter: fur.  

Unexpected Ways to Wear Fur

I generally prefer natural fabric, and real leather, but when it comes to fur, fake suits me just fine.  This year, I love that it is showing up on more than just outerwear and gloves.  I’m still waiting for my Winter Box of Style because it includes a fur scarf that I can wear with a number of different coats.  If you are looking for one, here’s an option from Madewell.  These Leon Max heels are a bit high for me but just gorgeous.  (These Banana Republic ones are more affordable, and have a chunky heel).  These Kate Spade Earrings are a little wild but different! 

My favorite new way to accessorize with fur this year is this handbag from Zara.  I love it when worlds collide, opposites attract and the unexpected becomes the norm.  This little bag is a lovely combination of summer raffia with winter fur, structure with softness.  The fur is sewn onto a removable pouch, offering the option to use each piece separately.

Raffia Fur Tote

I bought this on sale during Black Friday week, but it is still available at full price at Zara.  Looking ahead to the post-holiday season, when gray skies and snowy days seem endless, I’m going to enjoy adding this touch of luxury and fun to my everyday wardrobe.  

Do you have a favorite way to wear fur? Feel free to comment below.




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