Every September, the major fashion capitals host Fashion Week, where designers showcase their Spring 2019 collections.  While the shows are exciting, most of us aren’t quite ready to think of spring.  We want to know what to buy for fall, which is just around the corner.  Lucky for us, there’s a whole other kind of fashion show going on during Fashion Week: street style.  As editors, models, merchandisers, and influencers (the audience) walk to the shows and other events, we get to see their outfits on social media.  Though some of these outfits can be theatrical, or even outrageous, most are wearable fall fashion trends. Here’s why: 

  1. Street styles usually show us what’s available in stores now.
  2. Those who are invited to the fashion shows often attend many events all over town.  Their clothes and shoes have to be practical for walking, and for the weather.
  3. Influencers, editors, and merchandisers come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  As much as the modeling world has made strides in diversity, models are still much taller and thinner than most of us.  

Here’s my take on what street style trends are most wearable for Fall 2018…


1. 70s Style / Corduroy 

The 70s are back, so this fall you’d need some corduroy in your closet.  

  • Start with flared corduroy pants,  jackets, and mini skirts.  If you don’t already have them you’ll want a few pieces in warm colors (think browns, oranges, and warm reds).  Add a turtle-neck sweater and knee-high boots for a complete throwback to the 70s.  
  • Corduroy handbags are a fun alternative to traditional suede and leather bags.  Frances Valentine (the company started by the late Kate Spade) has a number of shapes and sizes, and my favorite is their small bucket-bag.   For an under $50 corduroy piece, Zara has a cross-body circular corduroy bag.
  • Corduroy shoes come in a variety of styles from slip-on sneakers to designer clogs
  • If you want something subtle, try corduroy accessories like this hair scrunchie from Free People.


2. Animal Prints 

The leopard print is a fall fashion staple, and this year is no different.  If you’re buying something new, look out for zebra prints and colored snakeskin.

Fall 2018 Animal Prints


3. Scarf Prints 

I wrote about scarf prints in this post and I’m mentioning them again today as they are an easy way to make a big impact.  

Hermes Scarf Fall 2018


4. Wide-Leg Pants 

70s style pants have a flared hem but are slim through the hips and thighs.  The other wide-leg style is looser in the hips and thighs, and down to the hem.  


 5. The 80s And 90s Style Oversized Blazers 

How can we be inspired by the 70s, 80s and the 90s too?  That’s just how the fashion world rolls!  What goes around comes back around, over and over.  I’m seeing a lot of oversized blazers, high-waisted jeans, and solid t-shirts.


What Didn’t Make My List Of Wearable Fall Fashion?

If you’re curious about the trends that I considered, but then passed over, they were: 

  • lime green 
  • going bra-less under lightweight blouses and dresses 
  • Prada’s flame wedge sandals 

We’ll leave those for the supermodels!

What’s on your list for fall?  See more of what’s available in-store and online, in my NEW Pinterest board Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Fall Style.  


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