Nail color is such an inexpensive fashion “accessory” but doesn’t it sometimes feel like a manicure or pedicure is a luxury we can’t afford? After all, who has time to sit and wait for nail polish to dry? Well, lately, I’ve been trying to make time to give my hard-working hands and feet some love. I’ve also found some fun new nail colors along the way. If you’re too busy to give your nails a little T.L.C., consider the following:

  1. Do it while watching a movie with your kids. Bonus: when they for popcorn/drinks/a blanket, show them your glossy nails and shrug.
  2. Use it as an incentive to sit still and meditate. Bonus: if you take the recommended two hours for your nails to dry, you can call yourself a meditation guru by the end of the mani/pedi.
  3. Switch your usual lunch for a smoothie and manicure, and feel good inside and out. Bonus: match your smoothie to your manicure!

A couple of times a year, I swap out my yoga time with a spa pedicure. Honestly, I leave the salon feeling just as relaxed as I do after yoga.

Why Caring For Your Hands And Feet Matters

Our hands and feet are perhaps the most used, and most ignored parts of our body.  Hands are the first to show signs of aging (due to a thin layer of skin with little fat to support it).  Neglected feet can end up with corns or bunions.  Yuk! So next time you have a little time for self-care, give your hands and feet some well-deserved attention.  Whether you have your nails done or do it yourself, here are some nail colors to inspire you…

Nail Colors For Summer 2019


Because Coral is Pantone’s color of the year, you’ll find plenty of versions of this tropical, rich shade. Butter London has the exact color.

Mine is a mini bottle of O.P.I.’s Cajun Shrimp. If you are bold enough for the neon trend, you can try their new Orange You A Rock Star.

Summer Nail Colors: O.P.I. Cajun Shrimp

For a softer, shimmer version that is 10-free (free of the top ten toxins commonly found in nail polish), try Zoya’s Tessa.

2. Turquoise

Turquoise is a summer jewelry trend, but if you’re not ready to buy a turquoise bracelet or pendant, consider this tropical color for your nails. You could try O.P.I.’s new Music Is My Muse or Zoya’s Oceane. Mine is O.P.I.’s Can’t Find My Czechbook.

Summer Nail Colors: O.P.I. Can't Find Me Czechbook

3. Hot Pink

When I picked out this O.P.I. Madam President, there were at least a dozen other gorgeous hot pink nail colors. Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong with bright pink for summer.

Summer Nail Colors: O.P.I. Madam President

Zoya’s Dacey is a lighter and brighter pink. Deborah Lippmann’s pink is Hot Hot Hot!

4. Purple

This season, I’m seeing every shade of purple from a pale lilac like Zoya’s Birch to a bright purple like O.P.I.’s Positive Vibes Only. My Essie Playdate is somewhere in between.

5. Yellow

I’ve never worn a yellow nail polish but was intrigued by this Zoya Bee. If you prefer a bold, sunny yellow try Essie’s Sweet Supply Candy Glaze or Deborah Lippmann’s Walking On Sunshine.

Summer Nail Colors: Zoya Bee

Other Trends In Nail Color

If you love glitter but hate having to scrub your nails to take the polish off, Butter London has a new peel-off glitter nail color. I have yet to try it, but I love that they come in mini sizes as I rarely finish an entire bottle of nail color before it dries out.

Essie has neon colors in a demi-matte finish. These colors are limited edition so if you love them, buy them now.

Some of the other popular colors for this year include neon green, metals (bronze and copper) and new neutrals (grays and taupes).

If you are struggling to choose just one color, then channel your inner pre-teen and choose one color for each nail.

Summer Nail Colors: Five Colors

Are you ready to brighten up your day with a little color?

love, Nipa |

If you haven’t already read The Snakeskin Print Dress, take a peek here. Any of these bright nail colors would look amazing with a neutral snakeskin print. Let me know in the comments below, which one is your favorite.

Summer Nail Colors:

20 thoughts on “5 Gorgeous Nail Colors For Summer”

  1. I just love all of those colors (surprisingly I like the yellow a lot). My summer go-to is a coraly OPI polish (I forget the name). It just looks like a tropical hibiscus and it goes with reds and pinks and just about any other color. Thanks for sharing the color inspiration and the great tips for finding time to do it (and incentives…..LOL!)


    1. Hi Ruth, I didn’t expect to like the yellow either, but this is a soft, subtle one! Thanks for stopping by! xo Nipa

    1. Hi Annaliese, Turquoise makes me think of beach vacations, even when I’m in the city! Thanks for stopping by, Nipa

  2. I love giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I usually do it by myself because I love to be creative. I love the color blue, so I would love Turquoise!

    1. Hi Aarika, I’ve been trying to add more coral to my closet, as it makes me think of a tropical escape! Thanks for reading. xo Nipa

    1. Hi Renee, Yes!!! They’re color names make me laugh, and I would love to share those happy vibes! xo Nipa

    1. Hi Linh, My nine-year-old daughter has been enjoying these colors too… except she likes to use all of them at once! xo Nipa

    1. Hi Julie, Yellow is a nice change from the pinks and corals. I found it a little harder to apply because it’s light and shows every brushstroke, but it looks good with a summer tan! xo Nipa

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