Growing up in Southeast Asia, I was accustomed to wearing bold, fine jewelry.  I had chandelier earrings, statement necklaces, stacks of bangles, and even ankle chains.  These days, since my daily routine involves cooking and cleaning, a yoga class or run, lots of trips to my kids’ schools, and a few hours at my computer, I need a more simple collection of fashion jewelry.  So I’ve been researching fall jewelry trends that are suitable for active women like me.  Here are 5 fashion jewelry trends that you can wear every day.  Most of them are from individual designers or small companies that I discovered on my latest trip to New York City, but I’ll also include links to some mall stores that are offering huge discounts… 


Fashion Jewelry Trend 1: Long Earrings 

Earlier this year, I saw shoulder-grazing, statement earrings in the fall fashion shows, but for those of us who don’t model for a living, there are some more subtle versions of this drop earring style! 

These 14k gold-plated column earrings are from Spartina 449.  They are now an international company, but they started in a little cottage on the remote island of Daufuskie, South Carolina.  I just discovered them at a local store, and like their clean simple style.  

Column Earrings

I also like their Arc Hoop Earrings which are available in sterling silver, as well as an 18kt matte gold.  (For those of us who love gold, but can’t wear deep yellow golds, this color is perfect!)  

I also like Grace +Hudson’s Rachel Earrings which are similar in shape but even simpler in style.  


Fashion Jewelry Trend 2:  Mismatched Celestial Jewelry

Mismatched earrings have been trendy for over a year now, and are likely to continue through Spring 2019 (judging by the most recent runway shows).  Even my eight-year-old is mixing up her earring collection, but I’m still a little uncomfortable with asymmetry unless it’s very subtle.  So here’s my version of mismatched earrings; Pave Starburst Hoop Earrings from Banana Republic with one starburst removed!

Pave Starburst Earrings

If you prefer studs, try this Classic Moon And Star Stud set or these Pave Bar And North Star Studs from Maison Miru, designed in a studio in New York City. For an even more subtle mismatch, try her Whispering Star earrings.  


Fashion Jewelry Trend 3:  Floral Earrings 

While I was in New York City last weekend, I visited Chelsea Market for the first time.  After a quick snack of the yummiest freshly made mini doughnuts from the Doughnuttery, I went to explore the jewelry at the Artists & Fleas shop.  There I found these darling little floral studs from Seyahan, a company that partners with jewelry makers in Turkey.  

Seyahan Floral Crystal Earrings

If you’re looking for floral earrings at your local mall or shopping area, you can’t beat these Ann Taylor Pave Clover Stud earrings for $19.99 with an extra 60% off (at time of writing).  


Fashion Jewelry Trend 4:  Circles And Coins 

At Artists & Fleas, I also started chatting to Selah Michelle, a lovely jewelry designer whose company Selah Vie is based in New York City.  

Selah Vie Coin Choker


I bought this Coin Choker which I wore right out of the store, and now that I’ve had a chance to look at her website, there are a few others that I’m adding to my wishlist! I love this Adjustable Disc Lariat and her Saturn earrings especially striking because of the hammered detail.  


Fashion Jewelry Trend 5:  Pearls

When you think of pearls do you think of Tiffany pearls or your grandmother’s string of pearls? Pearls have returned to the fashion forefront in such a huge way, in creative, unexpected new styles.  My favorite type of pearl is a seed pearl, which has a longer shape and an uneven surface, like this necklace that was a gift from my mom.  I wear this one for special occasions but am looking out for some everyday pearls.  

Seed Pearl And Gold Bead Necklace

This layered Gold Pearl And Lotus Thrive Necklace, is from Satya Jewelry, a yoga-inspired collection designed by Satya Scainetti.  I love thas a similar east-meets-west style but is something I’d wear any day.  

I also love Selah Vie’s  Pearl Marquise earrings, something my grandmother would have never worn! 

What are your favorite jewelry pieces this fall?  Are you going for bold statement looks or delicately handcrafted pieces?  Let me know in the comments below.  

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♥ Nipa 

3 thoughts on “5 Fashion Jewelry Trends You Can Wear Every Day”

  1. I really like your post this week! Its always fun to get new jewelry. I especially like the gold coin necklace. I’m glad that gold is becoming popular again. I really like the lariat necklace too.

    1. Thanks, Chris. I’m really excited to have found these gorgeous, affordable yellow-gold pieces, and I love that they are handmade. (For a while it seemed like everything was rose-gold which I just don’t like as much). Hope you find some new jewelry that you love!

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