Every fall, I see rust-colored sweaters, camel coats, and olive green pants in stores, and it makes me a little jealous.  My skin tone just doesn’t play well with those fall hues.  This year though, I’ve noticed something.  There is one color that appears every fall (in various shades) that does work for me.  It complements those traditional fall colors and is equally bold.  That one color is blue.  


How Do You Find Your One Color? 

I would argue that almost everyone looks good in blue (think, blue jeans). However, there may be another color that you love, that flatters you and works in every season. How do you find that one color?  Here’s how I realized mine…

I used to think that I chose blue out of habit, but a few months ago, I had a bit of an epiphany.  After trying on a dozen beautiful dresses at  L.K. Bennett, I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t find one that was just right.  I finally decided to try on a blue dress that had caught my eye, but I had passed by because I already owned three blue dresses.  My dear friend (who was shopping with me) smiled, I suddenly felt a rush of joy, and the saleswoman said, “I think that’s the one” all at the same time.  I receive compliments when I wear it and comments like “Oh, that’s so you!”

L.K. Bennett Blue Printed Dress


You may already know your one color because you keep wanting to buy it.  Maybe it’s the one that inspires the most compliments.  It also works with the rest of your closet, and never seems to go out of style.  If not, try on some solid dresses in various colors and see what makes you glow.  Hint: black, white and gray are neutrals and don’t count! 


How Do You Style Your One Color? 

You may be happy to wear your one color from head to toe, but it’s worth having a few great combinations in your back pocket.  Remember the color wheel from your art classes at school?  It’s an easy place to start.  

fashionipa Color Wheel


1. Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are ones that are on opposite ends of the color wheel i.e. red and green are complementary. Pick one as your main color and the opposite as an accent (away from your face, in an accessory or in a print).  If you look closely at my blue dress, it has little orange flowers in the print.  (If you look closely at my hair, please ignore the gray!) 

L.K. Bennett Blue Dress Close-uop


2. Analogous Colors 

You could also combine your color with one that is next to it i.e. blue is next to the green.  In my case, I often use olive-green accessories, while wearing the blues near my face.  

Color Block Sweater + Black Coated Jeans + Olive Handbag


3. With Neutrals Or Metallic Colors 

Neutral colors (black, white, gray, browns, taupe etc) aren’t usually on the color wheel but work with those which are there.  Pair your one color with any neutral.  Metallics (silver, gold, bronze, rose gold) also work with every color.  

Le Gali Dress + Gold Clutch + Black Heels + Circle Earrings


Which Fall Colors Could Be Your One?

If you tend to look better in cooler colors, chose a purple, a blue or a dark red.  If warmer colors suit you, try an orange, a yellow or an olive green.  Here are some fantastic, bold dresses, jumpsuits, and coats in each of the colors from my color wheel. 

Red jumpsuit, sheath dress, long dress, and coat.

Orange coat, dress, and jumpsuit

Yellow dress, jacket, and jumpsuit.  

Blue dress (mine), denim jumpsuit, and crepe jumpsuit

Green maxi dress, jumpsuit, and suede coat on sale

Purple belted coat, and dress.  

I’m also adding pink to the mix, though some argue that pink doesn’t exist while others consider it (especially in a light hue) a neutral.  

Pink dress, velvet jacket, and wool coat.  


Take a look at my Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Style Pinterest board as well as my Valentine’s Day /For the Love of Red, OrangeYellow, Blue, GreenPurple, and Pink boards for hundreds of great buys and ideas. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have found one color that always works for you.



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