Have you heard of Christmas Creep?  It’s not a movie villain who steals kids’ presents.  It’s also not a trendy label for that relative who always re-gifts.  Christmas Creep is when stores stock holiday items long before the holidays.  In our family, we try to enjoy Thanksgiving before starting Christmas shopping, but this year my inbox has been bombarded with Black Friday 2018 sale e-mails all week.  Many stores have combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering 5 days of discounts.  I know I’ll be tempted to spend Friday searching for bargains, so I made a list of what’s worth buying and what I can postpone.  Here’s what I came up with…


1. Thanksgiving Decor

The day after Thanksgiving, retailers will be desperate to clear out their fall merchandise.  If you have the storage space and a need for decor, Black Friday is the perfect time to find bargains for next year.  

Williams Sonoma’s Fall Tabletop Event already has many items that are 50% off.   I suspect that in two days, these prices will fall even further.  

If you can find it at a store near you, Pottery Barn‘s  Pinched Ceramic Candleholders are only $15! They come in traditional orange or heritage white.  (Check out my last post about how I set my Thanksgiving table without the color orange.)  Pottery Barn’s  Recycled Glass Pumpkin Cloches are rustic and elegant.  Add black candles for Halloween, orange ones for Thanksgiving, and lights for a pre-Christmas look.  


2. Party Dresses and Shoes

By now you will have received some of your holiday party invitations, so plan your outfits before the shopping rush begins.  If like, me, you are under 5’4″ you may need time for alterations.  I have fundraiser galas right after the holidays when you can’t find formal gowns in the stores, so I’m shopping now.  

BCBG is offering 50% off.  If you have a formal event or wedding this winter or spring, take a look at this Scrolling Lace Gown.  This Floral Lace Gown in light pink would also work for spring.  

Ann Taylor is offering 50% off  (with code BLACKFRIDAY).  For a fashion clothing brand, Ann Taylor makes surprisingly comfortable shoes.  I haven’t tried these on, but I like the look of their Suede Bow PumpsCrystal Bow Suede Sandals, and Isolde Kitten Heel Pumps.


3. Exclusives and Limited Edition 

Banana Republic’s regular price items are 50% off with no merchandise exclusions.  You won’t find their Company We Keep (designer third-party merchandise) or Luxe Finds items, but you can buy their online exclusive Tokyo Collection on sale. I like their PaperBag Pants and Wool-Blend Vest With Faux Fur Collar (check the size charts as some pieces run small).  Banana Republic’s leather and cashmere are usually not so heavily discounted, so look for those items too.  

Black Friday 2018 Shopping

4. Electronics

Amazon.com has already had Black Friday 2018 deals and sales all week, but scrolling through can take an eternity.  However, if you ‘ve had your eye on something like an Echo Spot, or a new vacuum cleaner or a Kindle Fire HD, you may find a bargain this weekend.  


5. Little Things / Stocking Stuffers 

Every year for the holidays, I buy about 50  little things for the family, and every year it’s more difficult to find things that aren’t junk.  I actually start shopping for these in September.  Uncommon Goods has some unique little trinkets under $25.  There are way too many fund things on this site for me to list, so take a look at my Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Pinterest Board for my favorites.  


6. The Toy Of The Year  

Every year there are a number of “it” toys that sell out before the holidays.  Last year, it was the Fingerling.  This year, Amazon and the Good Housekeeping Institute predict that Pomsies Speckles Plush Interactive Toy, the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit, and the Don’t Step In It Game, Unicorn Edition will be bestsellers.  American Girl doll items also often sell out.  

7.  Kids’ Snow Gear And Accessories 

There have been many years when it’s still snowing in March and my kids have outgrown their snow gear.  I like to stock up for the next year.  It gives me a head start for Christmas next year, or a backup plan when the last pair of gloves goes missing.  L.L.Bean clothing and outerwear are 20% off with the code THANKS20.  

Should You Be Shopping On Black Friday 2018?

According to CNBC, a lot of the biggest deals go live on Thanksgiving Day, not Black Friday.  I wouldn’t recommend leaving your family gathering to go shopping, but I thought I should mention it.  

If you have had your eye on one thing all year, now may be a good time to buy it.  By the end of the holiday season, those items on your wish list may not be available.  

What To Skip On Black Friday 2018

Fitness equipment, furniture, Christmas items, jewelry will all be discounted even more heavily closer to the holidays and in the New Year.  You may want to skip these items during Black Friday 2018.  

If you’re unsure of something (for yourself or a gift) it may not be a good idea to purchase it now.  Returns are a hassle during the holiday shopping season, and if you can’t get to it right away, it’s a charge on your credit card that may cause more holiday stress.  

Whether you shop or not, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend, is peaceful and productive! 



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