Decorating My Thanksgiving Table 

Yesterday, I went shopping for a new tablecloth for my Thanksgiving table.  Since orange doesn’t work with the color scheme my dining room, I wanted something neutral with subtle touches of this traditional Thanksgiving color.  Pumpkin linen?  Nope.  Persimmon plaid?  Nope.  Rust-colored leaf print?  Meh.  Then I saw it.  Navy blue with tiny embroidered turkeys in browns, yellows, and a tiny bit of orange.  Perfect.  

Except that I was looking at the saleswoman’s pants.  Ugh.  

I had a flashback to when I first arrived in this town.  Having come from single life in the city, where dressing up for the holidays meant heels, silk, and sparkle, I was a bit confused by holiday-themed clothing for adults.  Surely that turkey print scarf was meant to be a tea cozy.  Those snowman earrings must have been ornaments.  And those ugly Christmas sweaters, maybe they were stolen from a set of a cheesy made-for-TV-movie?  Now, I’m not completely opposed to themed clothing.  I think they’re perfectly suitable for kids, entertainers, and sleepwear.  However, I have to protest wearing home decor on one’s body for the holidays.  

Thanksgiving Table set with fashion accessories.

Inspiration From The Fashion Scene

In fact, I’ve decided to turn that trend on its head and decorate my Thanksgiving table with fashion accessories. If you haven’t already noticed, the napkin holder is my “feather” cuff bracelet from BCBG.  The napkins on the plate, and in the bread basket are silk scarves.  The wine glass charm is my Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet (from her Box of Style).  The flower glass charm is an earring from Banana Republic (from many moons ago).  The place card holder is the Dagne Dover Custom Card Case (also from the Box of Style).  The pumpkin to the left is “wearing” an Alexis Bitter cocktail ring, and a ribbon hair band from Anthropologie.  The pumpkin to the right is nesting in a beret from Banana Republic.  Finally, the tablecloth is my pashmina shawl, a gift from a dear friend.  

Yes, I’m kidding.  I’m not subjecting my favorite accessories to gravy spills,  but it was fun to design this scene.  I hope it will inspire you to be creative this holiday season, and do something a little different.  If you are the shopper, traveler, host or chef and have been wearing sweatpants all week, I hope you will take some time to dress up and add a little sparkle, silk, and glamor to your world.  Happy Thanksgiving! 









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