When I tell someone that I am writing a fashion blog, they almost always ask, “Wow, how many pairs of shoes do you have?”  I know they are picturing a shoe closet belonging to  {insert name of pop diva or Hollywood actress here}.  Sadly, my shoe closet just doesn’t compare.  In fact, for a good ten years, I spent most of my day in bare feet! I was either at home with my kids, teaching martial arts or at yoga classes.  Then my kids started school, my social life got a little busier and I started blogging, and suddenly my shoe closet seemed a little bare.  So I’ve added a few {insert name of pop diva or Hollywood actress here} inspired pointy heels.  However, being the practical fashionista, I have been shopping mostly for stylish and comfortable shoes.  I already wrote about sneakers in this post, so today I’ll share my thoughts on sandals, slides, and slip-on shoes. Read on for the styles and brands I recommend, reject or would like to try.  


Stylish And Comfortable Sandals

Pikolinos – Recommended 

Pikolinos is my favorite brand of comfort shoes.  Their shoes are made of soft (therefore, flexible) leather and the heels are almost always block, wedge, or flat.  Stylewise, the best way I can describe them is “rustic” i.e. warm, muted colors and soft lines.  

These Mykonos platform sandals come in a variety of colors, in “eyelet” or solid leather and have a firm but soft footbed.  Even though they are metallic, they have a muted tone to them, but if you are looking for a true neutral, they’re available in brown and in black at Nordstroms.com and at Zappos.com.

Pikolinos Mykonos Sandals

Comfortiva – Recommend

I’ve already written about my Comfortiva slides  in this post.   I’m happy to report that with the cushioned footbed, block heel and wide band across the top of my foot, they are comfortable for moderate walking.  These Comfortiva sandals with the strap around the heel were even more supportive than my slides, but at the time, I couldn’t find my size or the color that I wanted.  They’re available at Comfortiva.com. 

Comfortiva Denim Sandals



Stylish And Comfortable Slides

Slides (slip-on sandals with no strap around the heel) and mules (closed-toed shoes with no strap around the heel) are very much in style, but there is much debate about whether they are good for your feet.  Slides and mules put pressure on the front of your foot which bears the burden of lifting your shoe.  Also, when your feet get sweaty they may slip as you walk.  

Birkenstocks – Recommend

I bought my first pair about 6 years ago, much to the amusement of my fleece-and-Birkenstock-wearing husband.  He thought his style had rubbed off on me.  Little did he know that every fashion model was sporting these “ugly” shoes.  They’re still being endorsed by celebrities, so rest assured that they are still in style.  As for comfort, if you like a firm footbed, then Birkenstocks will work for you.  If you prefer a softer more flexible step, you may want to pass.  

I have the Mayari slides in silver and had they not looked like they’d been dragged through the mud (which they have been) I would have taken a photo of them.  They’re good for walking, but without a strap around the heel and ankle, they keep my toes working to lift them up.  If I buy another pair, I’m looking at the Lana wedge sandals to see if they might be more supportive.   

Kate Spade – Mostly Reject 

If you’ve read my post about Kate Spade, you know how much I admired the designer and the company that she started.  I bought these mules in early spring, and since they’re flat, I figured they’d be comfortable.  However, with no arch support or cushioning in the footbed, they’re more fashion than function.  I feel the same about my Kate Spade ballet slippers and flipflops.  I still wear them a lot, but not when I need to walk a lot, or when I’m out all day.  

Kate Spade Pink Leopard Mules

Banana Republic – Mostly Reject

Banana Republic (other than their Madison 12-Hour pumps) would fall into my mostly-reject category too.  A large portion of my clothing comes from this brand (in fact I’m not sure I’ve written a single post without mentioning BR) but I’ve found their slides and mules to be stiff, and lacking in arch support.  

Stylish And Comfortable Slip-Ons 

Also known as fashion sneakers, these are a busy mom’s dream.  However, as we find with all fashion trends, the options can vary from look-good, feel-terrible versions to stylish and comfortable. 

Dr. Scholls – Reject 

When I spent an afternoon shopping for slip-on shoes for an upcoming vacation, I ended up trying on a few pairs of Dr. Scholls.  Known for their inserts, padding and other foot remedies, they also make walking-friendly shoes. The pair I ordered were supportive and comfortable, but even my practical, rugged-style husband shook his head at them.  So for fashion’s sake, I have to reject them. 

Dolce Vita – Mostly Recommend

I ended up with these Dolce Vita slip-ons which blend style with comfort.  There’s not a huge amount of cushioning, but they are slim (not clunky), suede (not synthetic), stylish and comfortable.  I’ve also tried their slides, sandals, and mules and though they are much more fashion than comfort, my feet were quite content in them.  

Dolce Vita Gray Slip-ons With Braid Trim

Where to Find Stylish and Comfortable Shoes 

In three words: in a store.  We all have such different feet and needs, that one person’s dream shoe can be another’s torture mechanism! If you need to order them online, take advantage of Amazon Prime, Zappos or companies like Pikolinos that offer free shipping both ways.  From all of my shoe shopping I’ve found that sizes vary, and unless you know a brand you may need a couple of tried before you get the right it.  

As always, look out for my favorite current styles on my Pinterest page.  I have not tested out Naot, Ecco, or Tevas recently but have read many good reviews about them.  Look out on Instagram for how I style my stylish and comfortable shoes.  



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