Flat lay of gingham check blouse, stripe bag and floral top.Mix or Match?

My sister and I could not be more different.  Growing up, she was a conservative tomboy.  I was an ultra-feminine romantic.  In adulthood, we’ve switched fashion roles. She now wears silk and jewels for the glamorous parties she attends.  I wear lycra and fleece and anything that is easy to wash.  She wears pink with orange with green.  I wear black and navy.  She likes to mix.  I like to match.  

Six months ago,  I made a list of everything in my closet, so that I could expand my style.  For a decade, I had a capsule closet with mostly black, gray and navy pieces.  My outfit formula was always neutral + neutral + one pop color/print.  



Slightly boring.  

It worked for me when my style took a backseat to raising kids, teaching martial arts (black uniform + no jewelry + ponytail), and renovating our house.  Now, that my lifestyle is changing and I’m returning to my fashion roots, I’m taking a little inspiration from my big sis, and creating some outfit formulas that have a little more variety in print and color.

So, if like me, you have a mostly capsule wardrobe, here are some tips (1 being the most conservative to 5 being a little wild) to mix it up a little.  

How To Mix 

Flatlay of patchwork print dress, wedge shoes, purple handbag and turquoise earrings.


1.  If you don’t know where to start, try a patchwork print dress (mine is from Anthropologie from a few years ago).  Here are some current patchwork options.  These dresses from Zara show the same concept.   

2.  Black and white (or black and ivory) are the easiest to mix and match.  Try a floral + floral,  floral + geometric (stripe, polka dot, checks) or geometric + geometric.  

3.  If two prints seem too bold, try a print with texture, such as a textured top (like my jacket below) + floral print pant.  

Flatlay of floral pants, textured jacket, white t-shirt, and neutral pumps.


4.  Prints with prints have become so mainstream, that some brands create coordinating prints.  Some of my favorite florals come from Rebecca Taylor, and she styles them together, such as this light floral blouse with a dark floral skirt.  

5. For a really fun look, try a floral + texture (clip-dot, lace, crochet) + geometric all in one outfit… and if you’re really feeling bold, add a one shoulder-grazing earring look that was featured in so many runway shows for spring.    

How To Match 

If you tend to throw a bunch of colors and patterns together, here are some tips to put a little more coordination into your outfit (1 being the most creative to 5 being the most conservative).  

 1.  A blouse + skirt in the same print such as Kate Spade’s floral dots silk pieces.  

2.  Try head to toe bold color such as a suit or jumpsuit. 

3.  Wear one neutral + several bright or pastel colors


Flatlay of clip-dot blouse, floral print pants, yellow scarf, silver wedge sandals and pink wallet.

4.  Try different shades of the same color (think of paint chips) such as navy with chambray and a pale blue pedicure. 

5.  Is there anything more classic than the Coco Chanel/ Audrey Hepburn little black dress + pearls?  

Do you tend to mix or match?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to sign up for my e-mails, because you won’t want to miss my upcoming posts! 



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